We have no tourists up at the Eco-Lodge during this week, but the staff stayed up to keep an eye on the hydro system and to have the ski trails groomed for the weekend.  We’ve got a lot of cross country skiers coming on Friday so want the trails in top shape.

Anyway, they were down by the lake on Monday, shovelling the skating rink, when they spotted two wolves calmly crossing the ice!  Definitely part of our local pack, and are probably the same ones we heard a few weeks earlier.  Very exciting for the staff as they have heard the wolves several times in the past but hadn’t actually seen any until now.

Lone wolf on a deer trail at the Eco-Lodge

This is a photo we captured on our trail camera a couple of winters ago.  Since the wolves are territorial, and a pack has usually 6-10 animals in it, there is a chance that this guy may have been one of the two that they saw.  When you are lucky enough to see wild wolves (like we do several times a year), you never have a camera on you – that would be asking for too much!  So the motion activated trail camera is our best way to get some good photos of the wolves in our area.