An Algonquin-Style Winter Bucket List: Embrace the Chill

It would appear that winter is officially here to stay in Algonquin Park. This two-million-acre provincial landscape attracts outdoor enthusiasts and thrill-seekers from the Greater Toronto Area. Algonquin Eco-Lodge, an award-winning, European-style respite, lies along the southern rim of the park. It’s not only a 100 percent micro-hydro backcountry marvel, but it serves at the gateway to Algonquin Park, home to a seemingly endless winter wonderland. Every winter, snowmobilers, snowshoers, and Nordic skiers alike trek northerly to the Eco-Lodge for some much-needed time spent amid nature. The air is incredibly clean, the roads are empty, and the woodlands are ruled by the local fauna. To enhance your upcoming escape from Toronto en route to Algonquin Park, we’ve compiled an Eco-Lodge-style winter bucket list (as seen below).

The Winter Bucket List: 15 Ways to Champion Jack Frost

Photo of a Man Braving the "Polar Bear Dip." Check Out Our Winter Bucket List!

Compiling an Algonquin-style winter bucket list is as natural as early-morning hoarfrost. However, such a list should depend on the location. At Algonquin Eco-Lodge, we offer an array of winter bucket list-esque items, such as dog sledding and “polar bear dips,” as well as everyday pursuits that take on a whole new form here in the deep backcountry. After browsing through these 15 distinctive items, remember to take a peek at our surprisingly-affordable rates and availability calendar.

  1. Visit a remote lodge, set 2.3 kilometres away from the nearest road.
  2. Carve through the incredibly-quiet backcountry on a self-guided snowmobile tour.
  3. Explore our well-groomed, 40-kilometre Nordic ski trail system.
  4. Test your limits with a “polar bear dip.”
  5. Snowshoe through Algonquin Park. Start with our three mapped trails, then begin “bushwhacking.”
  6. Embark on a thrilling, genuinely unforgettable dog sled tour, led by a team of strong, friendly huskies.
  7. Soak in our carbon-neutral, wood-fired, outdoor hot tub after a full day of glorious backcountry exploration.
  8. Try winter camping. You’ll be hooked.
  9. Build a snowman near the lodge. A snowball fight may ensue.
  10. Sip on hot cocoa, fresh coffee, or a spiked beverage around a crackling campfire.
  11. Enroll in a GPS adventure. Get “lost” in the woods without actually getting lost.
  12. Join the moon-lit wolf howl (and look for tracks during your mid-day travels). We have a resident wolf pack that frequents these woods!
  13. Become an Instagram sensation by snapping photos of frozen waterfalls, white-tailed deer, and towering birch trees.
  14. Learn a bevy of new skills in our survival shelter building program.
  15. Take a day-trip to Sir Sams in Eagle Lake for some alpine skiing or snowboarding action.

Plan a Makeshift “Winter Carnival” at the Eco-Lodge

Photo of a Woman Nordic Skiing near the Eco-Lodge. Check Out This Winter Bucket List!

This Algonquin-style winter bucket list is entirely customizable, as you might expect. We offer a variety of guiding services, but guests are also welcome to explore our spacious parkland (including our private, 30-acre beaver pond) by yourselves. COVID-19 has affected so many aspects of our lives, winter and holiday festivities included. So, there’s never been a better time to escape to our remote, social-distanced respite. Each package consists of a cozy overnight accommodation, three meals daily, and access to all trails, the outdoor hot tub, and the wood-fired sauna. To book a well-deserved winter escape, please fill out this form.

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