Wild Beasts!

Pine Martin at Algonquin Eco-LodgeThis past weekend we “discovered” some wild beasts up at the Eco-Lodge.  First, I noticed some scat (poop!) in our basement.  Obviously, this is not a place I’d expect to find any scats.  I had an idea of what kind of animal it belonged to, but looked it up in one of our guide books.  Sure enough, it is a Pine Marten.  I showed the picture to our manager and he said “oh yeah – I’ve seen that guy around here a couple of times!”  Pine Martens are members of the weasel family, and are a bit bigger than a ferret.  They are land based, and feed on squirrels and mice.  Which might explain why we, happily, haven’t seen any mice around this winter!  Perhaps we should try to domesticate this guy and encourage him to move in downstairs permanently.  We’ve already named him the “Beast in the Basement”!

The other encounter with wild beasts came courtesy of our motion activated trail camera.  We’ve got it situated down on a deer trail that crosses our main trail in to the Eco-Lodge from the parking lot.  We had nearly a full house with 18 cross country skiers and dog sledders staying for the weekend.  Everyone arrived over the course of Friday afternoon.  On Saturday we went down to check on the trail camera to see if there was anything interesting on it and we found the following photos.  Look at the time stamp between the last wolf photo and the skier who was on her way in!  When we showed her the pictures she said that she had seen them, but they were on the other side of the river by then.  Another example of how the wolves are shy of humans but still in the same area as us, even if we don’t realize it.

This cross country skier was coming in to the Eco-Lodge from our parking lot 2.5 km away.  She was in the same spot as the wolves had been only 7 minutes earlier!

Wolves on Ski Trail