Welcome Back to the Wilderness

Welcome back!  After a hiatus of a few years we are restarting our Eco-Lodge blog.  About life up at the Lodge – the good stuff and the bad.  But hopefully mostly good!

The past few years have been interesting, to say the least.  As soon as we had committed to a huge investment and building renovation, the financial crisis hit.  So, even though we now had electricity from our waterfall, and new bathrooms, lights, etc, tourist numbers dropped as no one could afford to travel.  We’ve been still recovering, but last summer we finally reached our previous numbers of tourists.  The great reviews on Trip Adviser certainly help.

Flood at the Eco-Lodge Then, a couple summers ago, we had the biggest drought the area had ever seen.  This was followed five months later by the biggest flood in Algonquin recent history.  Our shoreline disappeared as the lake exited through a new course.  It took some doing to restore our waterfront to it’s previous splendour.


Muskoka Chairs
As with all things there are the pluses and the negatives.  The above events were big negatives, yet we overcame them and ended up with better results than we started with.  And on the fun side of things we get adventures like we had two weeks ago.  We were out guiding a couple of French tourists on a snowshoe hike to our Bushwhacker’s Lookout.  On the way back we found fresh wolf tracks that crossed over our snowshoe tracks.  So we started to follow him.  Along the way we tried doing a wolf howl, but no response.  Shortly after, we could see by the very fresh tracks that he had turned around and was looking back  the way he came.  In the direction we were now coming.  He did this a couple more times, with the third spot being on a ridge that he had double back on.  I’m pretty certain that he was watching us as we made our way up a hill to access the ridge he was watching us from!  We didn’t see him, but it was exciting to know that he was that close!  Mere minutes ahead of us.