The Tank!

We just went up, for a day to quickly install the new heater we got for the hot tub.  The one we had is sufficient for the summer (a 1 kW heater) but with the -20C nights we’ve had this week the hot tub is down to 28C, instead of the desired 40C.  So we have an additional 2 kW heater to install.  Should be quick and easy right?  Well, took us 2 1/2 hours to plumb it in, with all the cutting of pipes, trying to glue new connectors in place in -8C weather.  Had to get a portable heater to heat the pipes and glue so it would dry properly.

We got it all connected and turned the system back on and it didn’t leak!  Woohoo!  Now we just need to wait for our electrician to come and wire the heater in so it can actually turn on.  That’s a job for next week.

ATV with tracks for snowWe also picked up “The Tank”.  I love the Tank! It’s the coolest thing ever.  It’s my Bombardier ATV with tracks instead of wheels. It can go through anything and pull anything. We now have 25cm of snow on the ground and it was no problem at all. Our Alpine snowmobiles are still our “workhorses” for trail grooming and bringing supplies and guests’ luggage, but if we have really deep soft snow, or very wet snow the Alpines are impossible to steer and they get stuck on the hill.  The Tank should solve those problems. And it looks even cooler with the chainsaw holder now strapped to the back.  It will make our initial trail grooming run, on Dec. 28, much easier since the deep virgin snow, and numerous trees I expect to find across our trail are harder to deal with with the snowmobile.  No more digging ourselves out of holes!  I hope.