Snowshoeing in Algonquin Park, a Genuinely Serene Experience

There are many ways to explore Southern Ontario’s peaceful Algonquin Park during the wintertime, including cross-country skiing, backcountry snowmobiling, and dog sledding. But there’s nothing quite like tramping through the “unknown” on a self-guided snowshoeing expedition, complete with brief pit stops to behold the beauty, enjoy a snack, and “snap” photographs. For those who own snowshoes, this sport is mostly free of cost—yet another perk. And there’s no better place to go snowshoeing than inside Algonquin Park, Canada’s prized, two-million-acre hidden gem. Along the park’s southern rim lies the Algonquin Eco-Lodge, a sustainable, European-style cottage that runs entirely on 100 percent micro-hydro electricity. The Eco-Lodge boasts its very own snowshoe trail system, which also lends itself to a seemingly endless uninhabited landscape.

An Extended Weekend of Snowshoeing in Algonquin Park

Photo of a Small Group Snowshoeing inside Algonquin Park.

Firstly, merely getting to the Algonquin Eco-Lodge requires a 2.3-kilometre tramp. When we say “off the beaten path,” we mean it. Secondly, our sprawling private acreage boasts three distinct snowshoe trails that weave through the densely-thicketed forest. The forest is home to prehistoric yellow birches, hemlocks, sugar maples, and various other species’. It’s easy to get lost in thought amid these towering woodlands. But don’t worry—guests have access to GPS’s. Let your heart be your guide, and use the GPS on your return journey. Each GPS includes coordinates to must-see natural attractions, such as frozen waterfalls, hidden ponds, bluffs, and quiet “deer yards.”

While guests are free to go snowshoeing in Algonquin Park at any time, we highly recommend booking the “Path of the Snow Walker” package, which includes a two-night stay, all meals, snowshoe rentals, a GPS rental, and private lessons. Before or after your well-deserved winter escape to the Algonquin Eco-Lodge, feel free to cruise along the Highway 60 Corridor and make stops at some of these oft-overlooked snowshoe trails. And, as a reminder, guests can go “bushwhacking” at any time near the Eco-Lodge. Or, if you prefer, we can hook your group up with a charismatic guide who knows the best places to spot wolf tracks, curious white-tailed deer, and various other woodland critters.

Life at the Eco-Lodge | An Ideal Algonquin Park Accommodation

When you’re not cross-country skiing or snowshoeing inside Algonquin Park, you’ll no doubt want to take full advantage of the Eco-Lodge’s many on-site conveniences, such as the carbon-neutral outdoor hot tub (the only one in the province) and the wood-fired sauna. As a reminder, the Eco-Lodge is entirely off the grid. We offer a distraction-free environment, so no television, internet, or cell reception. It’s the digital detox that your family desperately needs. Thankfully, the culinary delights are undeniably delicious, the hospitality is second to none, and the polar bear dip is teeth-shatteringly exhilarating.

There’s still time to book a last-minute Christmas or New Year’s Eve getaway. Please fill out this form at your earliest convenience. We cannot wait to welcome you to our eco-friendly slice of Southern Ontario heaven!