The Best Snowmobile Tours in Ontario: Algonquin Park

Over the past couple of weeks, Algonquin Park has welcomed quite a few centimetres of fresh powder. It’s as if Mother Nature herself knew that we’re hastily approaching the holiday season. With a wide variety of New Year’s shenanigans planned this year, the team here at Algonquin Eco-Lodge cannot wait to usher in a new decade with friends new and old! We gleefully embrace the cold, snow, and seclusion—there’s nothing more invigorating than a full day atop a blazing snowmobile amid dense forestry, rolling hills, and curious wildlife. And, luckily for you and your group, Algonquin Eco-Lodge offers three and five-day snowmobile tours in Ontario through our partner Call of the Wild, the “adventure consultants.”

Setting the Scene

First and foremost, it’s important to note that Algonquin Eco-Lodge is entirely eco-friendly and carbon-neutral as the property runs 100 percent on micro-hydro electricity. Regardless of the season, guests often trek into Algonquin Park for a long-overdue “digital detox.” We’re set deep in the Ontario wilderness, kilometres upon kilometres from civilization. In fact, each guest must walk, snowshoe, fat bike, or ski 2.3 kilometres just to reach the lodge. For those who’ve never visited before, Algonquin Park yields the most secluded backcountry snowmobiling in Ontario.

Unforgettable Snowmobile Tours in Ontario

We offer two unique snowmobile tours in Ontario: the three-day Safari and the five-day RAP (Round Algonquin Park) Ride. Depending on which excursion you choose, your group will carve through pristine forestry en route to a variety of destinations, including North Bay, Huntsville, and Kennisis Lake. Both packages include some of the most beautiful Northern Ontario snowmobile trails, all of which are meticulously groomed throughout the season.

Snowmobile Rental “near Me”

It’s not easy finding reliable, state-of-the-art snowmobile rentals in Ontario, especially near the lodge. But don’t fret, because both of Call of the Wild’s packages include your very own snowmobile rental! You’ll also receive complimentary liability insurance, all necessary snowmobile gear, and a trail pass upon arrival.

Algonquin Park Accommodations

Yes, Algonquin Park offers multi-day snowmobile tours in Ontario. But don’t forget that our eco-friendly lodge is also an idyllic, deep-wilderness respite for those looking for an extended break from the stresses of the modern world. Our European-style lodge boasts an outdoor woodfired sauna, a carbon-neutral hot tub (the only one in the province), and some of the tastiest comfort food made from scratch by our culinary team. We couldn’t think of a more adventurous, relaxing, and uninhibited vacation than this peaceful, preserved slice of Algonquin Park. Please give us a call today at 905-471-9453 to book a well-deserved snowmobiling escape from Toronto!