School Winter Adventure Program

We just had a high school group come join us for our School Winter Adventure Program.  It entails 4 days of dog sledding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, wolf howling, and survival shelter building.  Though this group, from Barrie, decided to forgo the skiing in favour of more snowshoeing.  We were following fairly fresh wolf tracks through the bush, but didn’t actually see any.  Still, it was interesting to note that while we were following the fresh wolf tracks, the wolves had been following the slightly older deer tracks!

To keep the price very low the students are responsible for planning and cooking their own dinners.  This had our chef pretty nervous.  Not about being made redundant but about the state of her kitchen when they left!  Happily, everything was clean and well taken care of…  We don`t want an angry chef on our hands!

Eco-Lodge Polar Bear1The dog sledding was exciting for them, and only a few people wiped out.  Including one of the teachers!  And everyone made use of the hot tub and sauna to build up the courage for the polar bear dip.  Some of the students even got sponsors for it, so we`ll be donating that money (and matching their contribution) to the WWF for their work with polar bears at the end of the winter season.  Hopefully more tourists will join in with us before then!