New Year’s Adventures

Well, another New Year’s Eve celebration has come and gone.  And, as usual, we had our ups and downs.  Most importantly, our 19 guests all had a great time, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Despite the unusually warm weather we had for 2 days (+7C!) and rain on one day.  That was a good excuse to play board games with the other guests!

We came up to get everything ready 4 days before the tourists would arrive.  It all started smoothly – the Lodge was relatively warm inside, the electricity was working, and no plumbing leaks, except for our water filter but we could still manage.  On Tuesday we went off trail grooming while our electrician showed up and installed the control panel for our second turbine.  That all went smoothly and we now have an extra 2.5 kW of electricity!

Trail grooming was going well until we got to the brand new lunch tent.  It had collapsed under the snow load!!  So we dug it out, straightened the poles and cut two new poles for additional supports.  I think/hope it should survive the rest of the winter now!

There were five or 6 trees down on the trails, but that is to be expected the first time we go out.  There was a wolf kill right in the middle of the trail to get to the lookout!  Blood and fur all over the trail, not to mention the two deer legs and spinal cord still there!  A couple days later skiers reported that everything is now gone, but you can still see the blood and fur.  In fact they had to ski right through it!

We got the roof shovelled off (it had started to leak, despite the fact that we had recently replaced it!), shovelled a nice skating rink, and got the hot tub up to 41C with the new heater.  Then the heater started acting up, so we’ve been fiddling with it all week.

BonfireNew Year’s Eve we had a nice bonfire by the edge of the lake.  We had fireworks, and people in the hot tub admiring it all!

New Year’s day, we’re sitting down for breakfast and the power failed.  Oh no!  We went to restart the turbines, but with no success.  Luckily we have a gas generator for backup and this restored power, if rather noisily.  Called the electrician and got both turbines working again later that day.  Not sure why they conked out.  The next day the same thing happened!  But this time we were able to restart the turbines ourselves.  I decided to drive into town where I could get a cell signal and phoned the manufacturer in BC.  We “think” the problem is that we now have too much power and the circuit breaker can’t handle it.  If that’s the case it should be an easy fix.  But don’t ask me why they put in a breaker that was too small for both turbines.  It’s not like it was a surprise that they were both there….

On the plus side of things the ATV with tacks worked admirably when it was too slushy for the Alpines to steer properly.  It also got cold again and froze the lake perfectly smooth.  Never mind our skating rink – the whole lake is a rink now!  So I strapped on the skates and went for a skate with Tucker (the dog).  We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  And the staff enjoyed using the hot tub and sauna several times over the week as well.  Now everyone except Santa (our chef) has done a Polar Bear dip, and we’re working on her!