More Funny Weather

This has been a summer of extremes.  The spring was the wettest we’ve ever had, and now early summer is the driest we’ve had.  It plays havoc with the water levels.  We didn’t get as much snow as usual this past winter, so a wet spring was good for keeping the lake levels where they should be.  But it was also good for the bugs!  Now our hot dry summer has finally killed off many of the mosquitoes, but the no rain isn’t very good for the lake.  We’ve lost quite a bit of water.  Hopefully we’ll get some rain soon to “top off the levels” all around!

This past weekend we thought we’d get some rain since we were treated to a most spectacular light show at night. While we were sitting on our new waterfront deck (and some guests were enjoying the hot tub) there was a huge lightening storm to the north of us.  Frequent flashes of light lit up the sky and showed off the hills in profile.  Very cool to watch, but no rain.  The storm skirted us.

The next afternoon we noticed a thing haze of smoke, so I guess the lightening must have started a fire somewhere.  We took the ATV’s out to investigate but we couldn’t find anything.  I guess it must have been quite some distance from us.