Lodge like a cottage

Last week I was up at the lodge alone, except for the dog, babysitting the turbines.  Nothing bad happened in terms of the power failing, but I’m glad I went up just in case.

It doesn’t happen that often, but this time I got to use the lodge as my private cottage!  I put in a ski track around the lake and on trail 16, shovelled the deck and the roof, moved firewood, and other small chores.  My girlfriend came up for the weekend and we got to experience the -30C cold snap that rolled in!

On Saturday we went for a short ski around the lake.  Since it was so cold the track was rock solid.  At the far side of the lake, in the middle of the day, a pack of wolves started howling as we were skiing past!  We didn’t see them but they were near by in the trees along the shore.  There is a sunny south facing hillside near the lake shore that they like to hang out on.  That way they can easily see any deer (or lone skiers!) crossing the lake!

So, we had a nice, but much shortened ski on the lake! You would not want your dog to “join the wolf pack”! Decided it was time for the hot tub instead!  When it’s that cold outside it’s pretty neat to be in 40C water.  You are nice and warm but your hair is frozen!

The wolves didn’t come by to steal our towels, but they did poop on our ski trail!

The turbines were running smoothly through the cold, but the discharge has iced up pretty impressively!  I don’t think that should affect anything, though the turbine design team assures us we could get a bit more electricity if the pipes’ ends are in the river. Something to try next summer!