Knocked Out by George Foreman

This past weekend we went up to the Lodge looking forward to a weekend “off”, with no tourists or friends about.  We walked in to the Lodge after nearly a 3 week absence.  The road was flooded, in the usual spot from the spring melt, so it was a good thing we had cleared the bypass trail.  When we got to the powerhouse we went inside to check it out, as we normally do on our way in.  Well, that was unexpected – the turbines had shut down!

We restarted the turbines without problem, but the damage had been done.  No idea how long it had been shut down, but we had to drain the hot tub, throw out most of the stuff in the fridge, and completely clean the freezer.  Not what I had planned to do on a sunny weekend!

Also disappointing since I had hoped to have the hot tub running for the upcoming Worker Bee weekend.  As it is we had to leave it empty since we couldn’t get the pump out deep enough in the lake to fill it.  In the winter we just cut a hole in the ice, and in the summer we just put the pump in from the end of the dock.  But the dock is not in yet (that’s a job for the Worker Bees!) and the water is too cold to go stand up to your waist for 10 minutes.  We tried the row boat, but we needed one person to row, one to hold the pump, and another to fill the hot tub.  Tucker (our dog) wasn’t to helpful at any of those chores!

On Saturday evening we were making dinner and were using our new George Foreman grill.  Just as we started making the second crab/mango quesidilla the power tripped out again. It may have been the power used by the grill that tripped out the turbines, but it uses less than the electric kettle.  So, a bit of a mystery….  Good thing it didn’t happen in winter when no one was around, otherwise it’ll be much worse than having to clean out a thawed freezer.  Burst pipes, cracked hot tub….  We need to solve this mystery, but so far even our electrician can’t figure out what the problem is.