Freeze Up Worries

I went up to the Lodge yesterday to make sure everything is running smoothly.  I’m a bit worried since the turbines shut down twice last week, and we’re not sure why.  If that happens while we’re gone then we have big trouble!  The water in the main pipe would freeze, and that would be a HUGE undertaking to replace part or all of the main pipe.  And our new electric hot tub would freeze solid.  Not to mention the hot water tank in the Lodge.  We can handle a few hours with no power, but no longer than that.  We’ve drained all the plumbing in the building, but that won’t help the hot tub or the turbine water pipe.

Everything was running smoothly, but we only have 1 turbine running as we don’t yet trust the new one.  We think it is related to the problem causing everything to shut down.  Hot tub was down to only 17C since we shut down the new 2 kW heater (that might also be the problem).

So, while I am away in the Netherlands this week Edgars and Santa (and Tucker) are heading up for a week with no tourists!  Should be nice for them, and is a load off of my mind knowing that there is someone there in case the power does go out again.  Phil, our electrician, is supposed to come on Tuesday to check things out.  Problem is that we don’t know what is the problem….  So he’ll be looking everything over, and hopefully solving this riddle!