Electrical Mystery

Even though the Lodge was closed for the first couple weeks of January Edgars and Santa went up and stayed there.  We didn’t trust the new turbine we added to our micro-hydro system, along with the new heater for the hot tub.  Something, and we’re not sure what, has caused the system to shut down twice over New Year’s.  It was a bit inconvenient, but no more than that since we were there to restart the system.  But, had we not been there, it would have been a disaster!  The water in the main pipe would eventually freeze and burst the pipe to the turbines.  The brand new hot tub would freeze and explode, the hot water tank inside the lodge would freeze… So, Edgars and Santa went up to “babysit”.  And a good thing too, since the power went out again on Wednesday.

Edgars restarted everything, the hot tub was up to 39C, and the electrician came in to see if he could find the problem.  No luck – the mystery continues.  I suspect it has something to do with the new 2 kW heater on the hot tub, but so far it checks out fine electrically.  But still, the system is so unique, and finely tuned and balanced that there may be some sort of imbalance the new heater is causing.  Something to investigate.  I am heading up there today, by myself, for the week to do my turn of babysitting.

On the plus side of things, Edgars and Santa saw 3 moose on our main trail in, and they were serenaded on several nights by a pack of wolves.  Tucker (my dog who they were also babysitting) started growling in the direction of the lake one night, so they grabbed him and put him inside.  The next morning they found fresh wolf tracks coming up our trail on the hill and going on to the hot tub!  Very cool, but good thing Tucker didn’t go check it out!