“Eco Hot Tub” – a first in Ontario

Back in October we finally were able to get electricity down to our sauna building at the edge of our lake.  This means we could actually hook up our new electrically heated cedar hot tub!  We built the hot tub in place over the course of a weekend, filled it up with an electric pump, and started heating it.  Since we have limited electricity (our turbines on the waterfall currently produce 8 kW) we had to have a custom heater/pump made for us.  It is only a 1 kW heater (your toaster uses 1.5 kW) so it would take a while to heat the 7 person hot tub!  We got tired of waiting and filled a big bucket with hot water from the Lodge, put the bucket on an ATV, drove it down to the hot tub, and dumped it in.  After doing that about 15 back breaking times I hope that I never have to lift up a giant bucket of water again!

Carbon neutral hot tub at the Algonquin Eco-LodgeWe also built a new cedar waterfront deck around the hot tub.  I’m sure this will be a popular spot with the tourists!

What I think is really cool is that this hot tub is completely “green”.  It is made from wood not plastic, and it is heated with electricity that is 100% created from our waterfall.  So no greenhouse gas emissions, no gasoline generators, no carbon footprint.