Earthquake at the Eco-Lodge!

Trouble in paradise!  The earthquake the shook southern Ontario a few days ago did more damage to us than we expected!  We’ve been without power for 3 days.  That wouldn’t have mattered in the past but now we have an electric fridge and an electric freezer, so we need the power to keep our food from going bad.  Luckily we had designed our micro-hydro system with the idea of using a gas generator as back up.  Not that we ever expected to need it.  But then we never expected an earthquake!

The earthquake shook the turbine enough that a ground wire came loose and shorted out.  So the entire system shut down. After calling in our electrician from SOS Contracting (appropriately named in this case!) we determined that it was just a fuse.  Which was lucky since the alternative was a voltage regulator that would take three weeks to replace from BC.  As it was it still took three days to figure out that it was a fuse that was damaged and replace it.  In the meantime we had to run the gas generator for an hour every three hours to keep the fridge and freezer (and water pressure for showers and toilets) working.  A real nuisance, but we managed to deal with it!

We also discovered that two log posts that were supporting the pipe were vibrated to the point that they were about to fall over.  That would have been a huge problem since the pipe, filled with water, now weighs over 10,000 kg!  We got some hemlock 6×6 posts and built two new cribs around the supports and then managed to jack the pipe back into position.  Disaster averted!