Best Dog Sledding in Ontario: Algonquin Park

As we wave goodbye to yet another golden autumn here at Algonquin Eco-Lodge, we eagerly approach the always adventurous cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling season. But, believe it or not, the activity that travellers inquire about most is dog sledding. For those who’ve never steered a team of beautiful, faithful huskies in the dense, snowy wilderness, there’s nothing quite like it. Dog sledding in Ontario, especially inside peaceful Algonquin Park, is an experience unlike any other. Our lucky guests have the rare opportunity not only to spend two hours mushing amidst towering, snow-covered trees, but our all-inclusive packages can also include a wide variety of other family-friendly winter activities.

Dog Sledding in Ontario: The Experience

While we offer a handful of quintessential Algonquin adventures, our staff always urges guests to consider a dog sled tour. The sheer adrenaline of being hauled by a pack of strong, well-trained huskies is truly magical. Thankfully, the adrenaline remedies the cool air on particularly crisp afternoons. Algonquin Park is a gracious host as its sky-high trees are typically smothered in fresh snow or occasionally picturesque hoarfrost. While wild animals keep their distance from the dog packs, you’ll often spot curious critters standing out amidst the white.

A Two-Hour Algonquin Dog Sledding Excursion

While there’s no such thing as “cheap” dog sledding in Ontario, these two-hour tours couldn’t be any more affordable. Each introductory tour is entirely interactive as you’ll learn how to harness the huskies, hook them up to the sleds, and issue commands before departure. The premier dog sledding tours in Ontario can be discovered just down the road in Maynooth, where you’ll meet your friendly, loyal pack of huskies. After a 30-minute introduction to mushing, each family member will be ready to guide their pups into the awe-inspiring wilderness. The huskies typically get off to a blistering start and eventually slow down to a more natural pace. Ride the Wilderness has several miles of private trails, a feature that you’ll likely only find in this beautiful region. Saying “goodbye” to your new furry friends will be tough, especially after spending 90 minutes dog sledding in Algonquin Park.

Year-Round Algonquin Park Lodges

It’s becoming more and more common for thrillseekers to search for “dog sledding near me” before their arrival to get a glimpse of the options in Algonquin Park. But finding year-round lodges that offer dog sledding in Ontario can be challenging. Luckily for you and your family, we can easily include a dog sled tour with your all-inclusive stay here at Algonquin Eco-Lodge. All-inclusive packages include an Algonquin Park accommodation, all meals, complimentary access to our extensive, 40-kilometre ski trail, unlimited wood-fired sauna relaxation, and so much more! Please give us a call today at 905-471-9453 to book a well-deserved wintertime escape into the heart of Ontario. We can also be reached at