The Best Horseback Riding in Ontario: Algonquin Park

We’re rapidly approaching the most beautiful season of the year: autumn. According to TripSavvy, Algonquin Park is one of the “Best Places to See Fall Colours in Canada.” This particularly serene slice of Southeastern Ontario transforms from hunter green into a jaw-dropping meld of marigold, amber, and kelly green during autumn’s peak, which draws thousands of travellers from the Greater Toronto Area. Time and time again, families, couples, and groups choose Algonquin Eco-Lodge because of our tranquility, eco-friendly accommodations, and, of course, some of the best horseback riding in Ontario.

All-Inclusive, 3-Day Horseback Riding Trips

We’re proud to offer riders of all skill levels with a three-day, two-night horseback adventure right here at our secluded Algonquin Park lodge. This all-inclusive package remains one of the premier bargains in the province as you’ll relish some of the best horseback riding in Ontario. Our majestic, well-trained horses are the perfect companions for a day in the true wilderness—there’s no Wi-Fi, television, or heavy traffic in this pristine land. We offer our guests something that’s unique (and trending): a digital detox. These three-day horseback riding adventures, especially during autumn’s peak, are an ideal way to get to know Mother Nature once again.

What’s Included?

Yes, we provide thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts with some of the best horseback riding in Ontario, but what’s included in our all-inclusive, three-day package? Well, these eco-friendly vacations include all meals, overnight accommodations (two nights), three days of riding, any necessary instruction, guiding services, nightly campfires, and complimentary use of our canoes, sauna, and paddle boats. And remember to ask about our fun Wolf Howl seminars upon arrival.

The Best Horseback Riding in Ontario

While all of our riders will have ample time to paddle through serene waters, soak inside a soothing sauna, fish in one of our two lakes, these horseback excursions will unquestionably be the highlight of your well-deserved, much-needed getaway from nearby Toronto. Here are three of the favourite trail highlights: High Falls, Grandview Lookout, and the elusive Gut Rapids.

Eco-Friendly Getaways from Toronto

As mentioned earlier, Algonquin Eco-Lodge offers so much more than “just” the best horseback riding in Ontario. Guests often paddle through our secluded lake, unwind in our wilderness sauna, and share absorbing stories of previous horseback riding adventures around a crackling bonfire. To learn more about our award-winning retreat, please visit us online. You can also give us a call today at 905-471-9453.