The Wildest Algonquin Park Hikes

Algonquin Provincial Park’s dense, uninhabited wilderness spans nearly 7,700 square kilometres. Adventurers and nature enthusiasts utilize this tranquil land to rejuvenate wholly amid towering hemlocks, birches, and maples, as well as curious wildlife and serene backcountry lakes. There are several ways to explore the sheer beauty of Algonquin Park, including backwater canoeing, horseback riding, and Geocaching®. Yes, there are countless well-marked Algonquin Park hikes along the Highway 60 Corridor. However, the southern rim of the park provides true quietude near sustainable, award-winning Algonquin Eco-Lodge. The team at the Eco-Lodge, as well as Call Of The Wild, offers guided excursions into the undisturbed heart of the park. Adventurous guests are also encouraged to explore the landscape on their own—just don’t forget to bring along a map, compass, and years of woodland intuition.

Explore Algonquin Park’s Southern Rim

Photo of a Couple on One of the Prettiest Algonquin Park Hikes.

The Eco-Lodge itself provides approximately 60 kilometres of peaceful, well-groomed Algonquin Park hikes that range in level of difficulty. Many of our multi-day adventure packages include extensive hikes to nearby lookouts, where you’ll obtain a bird’s-eye view of the southern rim. These lookouts, as you can imagine, are exceptionally breathtaking during summer’s lush and autumn’s peak. Excursions vary in length, location, and difficulty level, depending on the individual group. A couple of highlights hidden deep in these dense woodlands are slippery High Falls and Scorch Lake, home to a mysterious, extinct old logging camp. Many of these classic Algonquin Park hikes eventually lead to panoramic lookouts, where backpackers will discover the freshest air in the province. It’s quite common for guests to utilize these trails as a part of their digital detox, school field trip, or working holiday.

The Top 10 Off-Site Algonquin Park Hikes

While it’s rare, some true backpacking types jut off-site en route to the Highway 61 Corridor, where a litter of beloved Algonquin Park hikes lay hidden. As you have everything that you need here at the Eco-Lodge, such as canoes, horses, and homemade caches, we highly recommend hopping onto one or two of these trails before or after your extended stay.

Photo of One of the Lakeside Algonquin Park Hikes.
  1. Centennial Ridges Trail
  2. Track and Tower Trail
  3. Algonquin Lookout Trail
  4. Mizzy Lake Trail
  5. Bat Lake Trail
  6. Spruce Bog Boardwalk
  7. Hemlock Bluff Trail
  8. Highland Backpacking Trail
  9. Western Uplands Loop
  10. Beaver Pond Trail

Rustic, Eco-Friendly Algonquin Park Accommodations

Finding the ideal Algonquin lodge for your mid-day adventures is easy. Algonquin Eco-Lodge is equally affordable, sustainable, scenic, and secluded. There’s never been a more enticing time to escape Toronto’s hustle en route to these backcountry Algonquin Park hikes. As our name suggests, we specialize in entirely sustainable micro-hydro energy, which, in turn, led to us earning the Ontario Sustainable Tourism Award. You’ll find all of the perks of a typical wilderness lodge, such as hot showers, a wood-fired sauna, and comfy guest rooms. However, everything is completely carbon-neutral across the board, including our hot tub—the only one of its kind in Ontario. Please reach out today by calling 905-471-9453 to learn more about our unique Algonquin camping site.