Algonquin Park Cross-Country Skiing Adventures

As we surge ahead into a brand new decade, we cannot help but reminisce about past Algonquin adventures, particularly ones that occurred during winter’s peak within the dense forestry that surrounds Algonquin Eco-Lodge. For most, winter is a time for relaxation, reflection, and, yes, snowy exploration. Every winter, hundreds of families and couples escape to our peaceful, eco-friendly slice of Central Ontario for a week of snowshoeing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling. However, most guests are drawn to our Alongquin Park cross-country skiing packages. We’re the only Algonquin lodge to feature over 40 kilometres of groomed Nordic ski trails, which is just one of our many on-site perks!

Algonquin Park Cross-Country Skiing at Its Finest

Algonquin Park Cross-Country Skiing

Most off-site Algonquin Park cross-country skiing excursions cannot match the seclusion, beauty, and trail diversity that are found right outside of our front door. It’s not uncommon to spot meandering woodland critters on these trails. A detailed map, which can be found here, will be provided to each guest upon arrival. You’ll notice that several trails wind past serene backcountry lakes, frozen rapids, long-forgotten logging roads, and, of course, snow-covered forestry. And it’s worth noting that all winter packages come with complimentary access to the Nordic trail system (not to mention that all meals, accommodations, and countless other amenities are also included).

10 Reasons to Choose Algonquin Eco-Lodge

We’ve compiled a list of reasons to choose our 40-kilometre trail system over all other Algonquin Park cross-country skiing packages. With nightly rates starting at just $150 per person, an adventurous, well-deserved digital detox can fit any budget. Over the years, we’ve spent countless hours perfecting these trails, which range from beginner to expert. And, while all trails are groomed each Friday, not all feature single tracks—this creates a diverse mix, making no two days on the trails alike.

  1. Over 40 kilometres of groomed trails, right outside of our front door
  2. Two types of on-site trails: groomed wilderness and single track set
  3. Trails are groomed every Friday (weather depending)
  4. The outdoor hot tub and sauna, both of which are perfect after a day on the trails
  5. The trails are hilly, which provides an idyllic mixture of easy, intermediate, and advanced options
  6. True wilderness awaits: there are no roads, buildings, or snowmobile trails in sight
  7. All Algonquin Park cross-country skiing adventures glide past towering birch and beech trees
  8. Wolves, deer, and countless other woodland critters call this land their home
  9. Explore frozen rapids, beaver ponds, and peaceful lakes
  10. Our lodge is entirely eco-friendly and carbon-neutral

Eco-Friendly Algonquin Park Accommodations

Algonquin Park Cross-Country Skiing

The perfect place to start and finish a glorious day of cross-country skiing in Ontario is Algonquin Eco-Lodge. Our highland haven is an outdoor enthusiast’s dreamland, regardless of the season. Most Algonquin Park cross-country skiing expeditions are combined with several more days of adventure, including time spent snowmobiling, dog sledding, and snowshoeing. Please give us a call today at 905-471-9453 to book a well-deserved, long-overdue wintertime escape into secluded Central Ontario.