Algonquin Adventures: 10 Reasons to Visit the Eco-Lodge

In combination with its sprawling acreage and uninhabited wilderness, Algonquin Provincial Park’s sheer beauty has never been more enticing than it is today, amid a global pandemic. Although the province is slowly inching closer to normalcy, it’s going to be months (perhaps years) before the travel industry regains its former lustre. Happy thoughts of crowded beaches, bustling city centers, and congested cruise ships have evaporated in a matter of days. However, it’s worth remembering that this glorious continent is brimming with possibility, including right here in south-central Ontario’s own backyard. With so many potential Algonquin adventures obtainable at an arm’s length here in the tranquil, densely-forested backcountry, you’ll instantly welcome long-forgotten feelings of rejuvenation, invigoration, and true serenity upon arrival.

10 Reasons to Visit Algonquin Eco-Lodge This Summer

Photo of a Man Hiking in Dense Forestry. Hiking Remains One of the Best Algonquin Adventures.

The friendly, eco-conscious folks here at Algonquin Eco-Lodge eat, sleep, and breathe hospitality. It’s our vision to continuously brainstorm, curate, and foster vacations packed with memories that will last a lifetime while maximizing the potential for a stress-relieving reawakening. Below, you’ll find 10 reasons to visit the Eco-Lodge this summer, which is highlighted by a variety of quintessential Algonquin adventures. There’s quite honestly never been a better time to escape the Greater Toronto Area in search of something equally adventurous and altogether necessary.

  1. Our award-winning Algonquin lodge is remote, in every sense of the word. In fact, the property is 2.3 kilometres from the parking area.
  2. There are no worries about social distancing here, as our sprawling, private acreage naturally promotes guest breadth.
  3. Algonquin Provincial Park boasts an array of all-natural, stress-relieving elements, particularly when you’re on the water and deep in the wild.
  4. We’re often ranked as one of Canada’s premier eco-friendly destinations for a “digital detox.” You won’t find any hydro lines, internet, cell service, or television at this quiet retreat.
  5. The lodge is entirely eco-friendly and carbon-neutral, thanks to our micro-hydro system, ongoing sustainability efforts, and natural wood-fired heat.
  6. Algonquin Eco-Lodge is, of course, very proud to provide the top-ranked canoe trips in the province. Paddle into the unknown with nothing but a guide, a pack filled with the essentials, and a healthy dose of backcountry intuition.
  7. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to explore nearly 8,000 square kilometres of wilderness on a backpacking trip in south-central Ontario’s most secluded landscape? 
  8. Try geocaching, one of the fastest-growing Algonquin adventures. The surrounding forestry plays host to countless caches, many of which are quite challenging.
  9. Gallop into the park’s hearth on a majestic, well-trained horse. A three-day horseback riding trip might be just what the family needs to de-stress, refresh, and surge ahead into summer’s peak.
  10. Wildlife is no stranger to us. Countless woodland critters, such as beavers, moose, deer, and bears, frequent these parts, showing nothing but admiration for those who enter and respect their kingdom.

Algonquin Adventures at Your Fingertips

But, of course, there are countless reasons to make Algonquin Eco-Lodge your mid-summer hub for adventure, exploration, and much-needed relaxation. Whether you need an extended break from the many stresses of the city’s hustle or simply want to get “lost” deep within Mother Nature’s warm embrace, we guarantee that these well-deserved Algonquin adventures will soothe the soul. We’re remote, eco-conscious, sustainable, and well-versed in all things outdoors. With a trip to our cozy Algonquin Park accommodations, thoughts of coronavirus will drift away like a falling leaf from a towering yellow birch on a breezy afternoon. Remember: As one of the most remote weekend getaways from Toronto, we’re expecting a full lodge in the coming weeks and months. So, please call us today at 905-471-9453.